The Changeling



In March 2020 when the UK entered “lockdown” the BA Actor Musician 3rd  years, at the Guildford School of Acting, were in the second term of their final year of training. Their first term had seen them work on a highly acclaimed production of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ and they had started 2020 with a wonderful showcase of their work at GSA and at The Boulevard Theatre in London which was well received by the wider industry.

Then, in term two they were set to perform their version of the musical ‘Lucky Stiff’ when all theatres across the UK were closed, two days away from their technical and dress rehearsals the production had to be postponed (hopefully a piece that this talented ensemble can revisit in some form in the future).


The challenge for us as we entered the third and final term was how to make their final piece together robust and meaningful whilst still creating a work that would inspire and showcase the abilities and creativity of the ensemble.

What we have here are performances that have taken place across the “lockdown” period, performances created in, but not constrained by, isolation. It is at once a new take on Middleton & Rowley’s classic text and a testament to the hard work and abilities of this group of young artists, and the commitment of their director, tam williams and of GSA head of Music, Paul herbert who edited, engineered and produced the recording. 


Since they first came to GSA, they have been an ensemble that relishes a challenge and have delivered consistently high quality performances. I am so proud that I can share their work with a wider audience and that the recordings here can be enjoyed not only as a record of a brilliant play in a new format, but also of a year who have defied convention and approached everything that 2020 has thrown at them with creativity, humanity and resilience.



Nicholas Scrivens

GSA - BA Actor Musician – Programme Leader

June 2020